Steve Nash is known worldwide for his incredible basketball talent when he played for teams like the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks. But Nash also has a soft spot for kids and has created the Steve Nash Foundation that has focused to “increase the access to critical needs resources for children affected by poverty, illness, abuse, or neglect.” The foundation also donates to other foundations, as well as its own initiatives, to create healthy communities by helping kids become healthier. 

The foundation focuses its efforts in several areas around the world to really reach the most children possible to make a difference in the world. The foundation has teamed up with different organizations to get a feel for the area’s need and the way to help the children out in that respective area.

In Arizona, the foundation works with Educare Arizona, which is an early learning initiative for younger children to have an early chance at becoming more educated. In British Columbia they team up with BC Grants to give money to children and places in need to help out the local youth. In Canada, they team up with a child abuse prevention strategy that is made in cooperation with the University of Victoria. Here in the United States, the foundation conducts Child Abuse Research as well their Education initiative that focuses on improving the education attainable for children in bad situations. And the Steve Nash foundation even reaches further than North America. In Paraguay, they team up with Support Hope which provides for critical needs health and community resources.

Steve Nash started a game to benefit his foundation to help fund the good work the foundation does on a yearly basis. The game first started in 2008 in New York where even superstar Theirry Henry got involved in the match. The event has since exploded and become a popular event for Nash’s friends and even fans can get involved in several different ways.


You can simply donate any amount of money to the organization and right now. Donate $10 and you will be in the drawing to win a game worn Nash All-Star jersey from his time in the NBA.  You can also mail in any cash donations to the Steve Nash headquarters. There is an event that Nash throws every year this time around in New York. The event is called the Steve Nash Foundation Showdown. The showdown brings together stars in sports and Nash’s friends play a friendly game of soccer to bring awareness to the foundation as well as raise funds.

There are several ways you can get involved. First, you can attend the event for free in the bleachers. Or you can purchase standing Field side passes for $250 each. $500 for seated Field side VIP seats. You can entertain at the event with Nash for $15,000. You can even play in the event for $25,000. While many will prefer to donate a smaller amount and attend the event for free. However, I do think it is cool that Nash gives some the ability to play in the match alongside their favorite athletes. The event takes place June 6th.

Want to get involved? Well, head over to the organization’s website and feel free to browse around and donate if you are so inclined.


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