You may or may not remember that in 2008 SoccerGrow donated new balls, cones and pumps to CML in Kenya to run a soccer tournament involving several rural communities surrounding Nairobi. It brings us great joy to report that this tournament was a triumph, reaching more than 800 women, men and children in those communities. The impact that our relatively small donation made to those people surprised almost all of us on this side of the Atlantic, and its success is a clear testament to the power of football and its ability to bring people together.

Much praise should go to CML and their organization for not only organizing a top-notch tournament for hundreds of people of all ages, but especially for seeing the big picture. With limited resources, CML is proud to minister to and improve the holistic health of people. They make it a point to not just reap the benefits of playing sport, but they also answer the call to lift up people through fulfilling basic needs, education, raising spiritual awareness, and community development and support.

SoccerGrow is most appreciative of Willam, head of CML, who actually is the one doing all the heavy lifting to make his organization tick and he most deserving of the credit.  He wrote:

We are honored to declare that SoccerGrow has been the sole instrumental partner in facilitating the launching and final success of this program. SoccerGrow donated the soccer balls, field cones and ball pumps for this program.

The honor is ours.

I encourage you to check out the video and read the full report and results of the soccer tournament on his blog, it’s truly meaningful to see the faces of the people involved in this great event.