Although most of the world sees anything connected to the might of Manchester City (and the connected clubs: NYCFC and Melbourne City FC) as a machine continuing to grow within the realm of England, Europe, and the world, the financial strength of the Citizens puts them in a prime position to be the cause of massive positive change around the globe.  WIth a $600,000 commitment to the “Cityzens Giving” campaign, it brings the organization’s charitable growth to over 1.5 million dollars in 2015 and 2016.  No matter where you fall on Manchester City as a club, there’s no denying the force they’ve put into their charity initiative.

One of the coolest aspects of the charities involved with these clubs is that the fans are actually the ones who decide what to support/how to spend the money.  Fans of Man City, NYCFC, and Melbourne City FC get to vote for which project is supported.  The more votes that a project gets, the more funding it will be given!  This year’s selection of projects covers everything from major issues like unemployment, all the way to HIV/AIDS.

This year, the fans have decided to back six projects in six different cities around the globe:

In New York City, a program called “City in the Community Soccer Program” to support 500 young people and ensure that they enjoy fit and healthy lives.

In Manchester, a program known as “Boots & Beats” will “use football and music to engage with 500 unemployed young people and connect them with job related training and volunteering opportunities.”

Heading down under, “I Speak Football” will create an atmosphere for 300 youth in Australia to help them make friends, develop and build leadership skills, and prevent loneliness.  Can we move to Melbourne?

While all of the previous programs are in their second year of functioning, there are three new programs that are being rolled out this year.  In the Cape Coast, “Kicking for Change” will help support disabled young people “back into education, giving them a brighter future.”  Secondly, in  São Paulo, “Goal for Equality” will help 350 young women via soccer and education.  Lastly, in Kolkata, “Healthy Goals” “mixes football with potentially life-saving education on health and hygiene, so that 2,000 young people have the power to stay safe and healthy.”

Although these are not the only ways that City is involved with charities, these are the six that the fans voted on.  In a day and age with the main focus on a host of negative issues within the soccer world, it is always good to see the positive things.  So, the next time that you find yourself ready to take a shot at the blue side of Manchester, think about all of the good that they are taking part in…and THEN take the shot.

For more information on the campaign and how City fans are getting involved, visit:


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