Mia Hamm and Nomar

At SoccerGrow, we love covering all of the foundations that support the beautiful game in some aspect. We’ve covered several clubs and how they support their immediate community and their fans all around the world. While the clubs are able to bring in a massive amount of money to help their targeted audience out. It’s not every day we see former athletes set up foundations that are specifically made to help causes dear to their hearts. The Mia Hamm Foundation was created in 1999 to raise awareness and funds for bone marrow/cord blood transplants, while the foundation also is motivated to find ways to increase opportunities for young women in soccer. Mia Hamm states that these issues are “of utmost importance in my life.”

Hamm has a passion for bone marrow transplants as she lost her brother Garrett in 1997 due to complications of aplastic anemia, which is a rare disease of bone marrow. Hamm talks about how much that impacted her and she started noticing the lack of transplants available for people in need of bone marrow. She created a match called the “Garrett Game” to help raise funding for the cause. The game has since evolved into “The Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra Celebrity Soccer Challenge”. The game raises funds to benefit transplant patients and their respective families. You can learn more about this cause close to Mia’s heart by checking out the pages for Bone Marrow Info and Cord Blood Info.

Mia Hamm teaching young girls

Hamm also has a passion for providing young women opportunities in sports, not just soccer. She has pushed forward by providing more chances for young women to find success in their career. She maintains the importance of Title IX which bans discrimination in sports based on gender. However, this does not make it equal in money spent or individual cases. It creates more chances to participate but it does not create chances for every girl. Hamm wants it to be fair for every single woman hoping to compete in sports. She gives links to where you an read up more on what Title IX does and a link to the Women’s Sports Foundation.

If you would like to get involved, the MHF has said there is two different ways to be a part of the foundation. You can either spread the word about the foundation or you can donate money to help support everything the foundation does. You can also mail items or money to the organization. Organizations like Gatorade, Nike, Wasserman, Mission, and Viacord have helped by sponsoring the foundation to achieve its many goals. If you would like to get involved, check out the Get Involved page at the MHF website.


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