Liverpool Football Club has a foundation that is designed to help as many people as possible with soccer, education, and health. The foundation was set up to “…inspire people from all walks of life to make positive changes happen for themselves and their communities.” Liverpool believes that the club is like a family and families care for one another in many aspects. The foundation has used the passion of soccer and people’s love for Liverpool FC to find people to find engage in with their work. Liverpool has stated that the 4 main places for impact: Sporting Participation, Improving Life Chances, Inspiring Social Action, and Supporting Other Charities.

One of the key elements in my mind is the aspect of Sporting Participation and Improving Life Chances. I believe both are key in helping people maintain health and to building communities through sports. Soccer is one of the best ways to stay in shape for sport and to meet lifelong friends, as you are constantly running around and passing the ball to new people. Liverpool implements this by soccer schools not only in schools around the Liverpool area with several different levels of the play. There is a program for girls, Premier League 4 Sport that let’s you play in your choice of 4 different sports, and even young warriors program that links talented players to the academy program. So if you are a young player looking to get a chance to play some soccer, you could eventually play for your beloved Reds.


The Foundation College is a program that provides a unique learning experience for teenagers aged 16-19 who have not been able to latch onto a professional club, but would love to pursue their dreams in soccer in other aspects. It even gives the students in the program to play against other colleges in the area to potentially give them another shot at playing professionally. I believe this is an incredible program as it will help young people who have grown up in academies, but who will not be able to play professionally, a chance to still be involved in soccer at a the professional level in a new position.

Youth Ambassadors is a program that allows 16-19 years olds a part-time job to work as representatives of the foundation at LFC matches. The program also gives 2 education sessions a week to help learn a little more while working. The idea is to help the teenagers leave their comfort zone and build life skills in a real job environment while helping out the program.


If you are looking to get involved in the program, you can read up on all of their programs at their programs page. There are several ways to get involved with participating in the sessions, donate via text message, or donating online.  No matter how you decide to get involved, the foundation will appreciate whatever you can give.

If you have any questions about the foundation, you can reach out to them by filling out a contact form and they will get back to you as soon as they possibly can.


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